Ramblings and Thoughts!



05/19/24 - Star Showcase 1 !!
This past friday we had a Star showcase, where we got to show so many creative Star designs!
It was so fun and amazing to see so many awesome designs!! The Stars are so creative and talented!!
We loved every single one of them, and are excited to see more of what the Stars come up with!
IT's so amazing... our galaxy really does feel so full and happy...!!

03/14/24 - MONETIZATION + 2600+ SUBS!!!
We've been negelecting this blog lol-- so many things have happened!!

We surpassed 1000 subs back in January, and now we're at 2600 subs! Everything is happening so much faster than we ever expected!! In our last blog post we were celebrating reaching 100! This really is so amazing...!! We still can't believe so many people, so many STARS!! want to watch our streams!!

We honestly believed that 1000 subs was our end goal: in other words, we hoped that we would have reached 1000 subs on our time visiting Earth by the for us to return to Orion Planet. But now we're well past 1000, and we still have lots of things to do here!!

And then to top it all off, yesterday we were approved for monetization and the Youtube Partner Program!! WOOOOOO!! TT__TT ♥ ♥ THAT is mindboggling!! We still can't believe it! This was a dream for us! We would just daydream and think "wouldn't it be nice to be monetized one day...?" and hen leave it at that. BUT IT'S REAL NOW!!!

Eve was the first one to see the approval email. We had just finished streaming Majora's Mask (our first time playing!! it's very cute and fun, btw). I (Vega), walked away from the transmission device to get some water or something lol. I only took a few steps before I heard Eve SCREAM!!! And then I was like "huh!? huh!?". She jumped up and screamed that we got approved!! And then we proceeded to both scream and jump around hugging eachother!! Really... we never thought we'd get this far...! We're so happy... and it's all thanks to our shining Stars, viewers, subscribers, chatters, and lurkers!! Everyone!

We always say this, but thank you so much everyone!! You're all making our wildest dreams come true... :'] ♥ ♥ ♥

11/25/23 - 100 subscribers!!

We're still so amazed... We were already super excited when we reached 20! And then the other day we reached 30 and we were already celebrating!
But then we suddenly reached 100 so fast! Eve had to go back and edit out celebration picture because she had made it for when we reached 30 lol
It's just such an amazing feeling to know that over 100 people are interested in listening to us on the internet. We were already happy with even just one person tuning in to our streams!!
Thank you soooo much everyone!! :']

11/13/23 - My hand hurts...
I- I.... drew too much...
Drawing a 40 page comic in a week is too much... even for me...

10/12/23 - SandLand...!!
OMG I just found out about this super cute game that's coming out from Akira Toriyama based off one of his mangas!!
I'M DYING the main character looks SOOOOOO CUUUUUTEEEE WAAAAHHHHHH I just wanna squish him!!

I'm so gonna buy the game when it comes out... HE'S SO CUUUTEEEEEE >w -Vega

10/06/23 - PSN Hacked...
Our playstation account got hacked on this past Tuesday, which is why we canceled that stream. Omg... that was so scary!! The stinky guy who got into our account was using our credit cards to buy a whole buncha full-priced new games!! TT__TT Luckily we managed to get control of our account again and Playstation is giving us a refund.
Lesson learned!! We're putting 2FA on everything now!
Yeah the theft was infuriating, but the most enraging part was his basic choice in games!! And then when I got into my account there was still one of his games in the cart!! Disgusting. lol